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BAMPFA Addition

Berkeley, CA

Located in the vibrant heart of Berkeley, California, the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive already represents an extraordinary piece of architectural artwork. However, a unique outdoor viewing Pavillion was desired due to the custom, oversized screen installed on one side of the museum. Featuring a large steel structure, expansive framed glass walls, and a clever vehicle pass-thru, this state of the art design has it all.

This birds-eye view of the BAMPFA exterior addition is able to illustrate the unique placement of the structure; allowing vehicle traffic to remain unaffected on the side road below while also providing separate bathroom spaces mean that everything could be easily contained.

The side profile of the BAMPFA addition is able to clearly define the uses of the space and how it would be utilized on a day to day basis. The futuristic shape of the existing BAMPFA building easily coexists with the boxier, yet similarly minimalist shape of the pavilion. The stairs which also act as general tiered seating allows for the perfect unobstructed viewing experience, day or night. 

final project page 12.jpg

This exterior drawing of the viewing structure is able to highlight the sheer simplicity of the large steel supporting beams along with the expansive glass panels. The car pass-thru along with the separate bathroom areas can also be seen below, cleverly situated beneath the angled seating area above. 

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