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Larkspur, CA

library, reimagined

Centralizing around a library, this modern community center boasts a 15,000 square foot structure that holds a variety of different purposes. From a fully equipped gym with indoor/outdoor flexibility, a large restaurant, and various communal gathering spaces, this modern hub features simple lines and large expanses of windows that bathe each room in plenty of natural light.

The towering entrance to the community center is bathed in natural light via oversized frameless glass doors, while a custom 15-foot skylight effortlessly brings light down into the lobby. Tall walls create an airy feeling while leaving plenty of room for art displays, and a large wall of glass at the end of the hall provides a central viewpoint.

A carefully manicured path leads to the main building, while the restaurant is hidden from view with a custom 30-foot sculpture. The main entrance is framed by a cedar-clad structure, while floor to ceiling glass and bubbling fountains converge with the indoor/outdoor gym. A sleek, gently sloping roofline perfectly situates a large-scale solar panel system.


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